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Are you ready dive deep? Are you ready to do your inner work to heal, get well, find meaning, and create the life you want? Then individual alchemy coaching may be for you. Only a limited number of individual clients are taken at a time. WW invests a lot of time and effort before, in-between, and after sessions to provide ongoing support outside of the 75 minutes we spend together. Use the contact form below for a 15 minute consultation to learn more and find out if this service is for you.

Whether it's personal or professional/business, individual coaching can serve as a source of support for identifying root causes and co-creating solutions in both personal and professional contexts.


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Ready to dive in, but appreciate the experience with a group of peers? Then group alchemy coaching may be for you. Stay tuned for upcoming group sessions as they are offered seasonally - both online and in-person. See the events page for ongoing online and in-person workshops and retreats as well.

WW also facilitates professional learning and group coaching in professional/business settings. We've worked with a number of state agencies, small businesses, and corporations. Sessions are tailored to the unique needs of business leaders and employees and are offered both in-person and virtual.

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