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transformation is a dial, not a switch

Transformation is not a switch, it’s a dial – ideally moving to a desired position.

But because of the way transformation works, it can go back and forth – moving from lower to higher intensity, getting brighter or darker, or increasing or decreasing output.

It doesn’t happen in a moment or even overnight…and most certainly it's not linear. In fact, without this, you couldn’t notice the continuum of dark and light, the expansion and the contraction, and the overall growth.

SO…Don’t be so hard on yourself when you’ve reached some of level of growth or improvement and then find yourself down and out. Find yourself falling back into those old patterns. Find yourself in a dark place.

The key here is that you NOTICE…and every time you notice that the light starts to dim, you increase your skills and stamina in a way that you can turn it back it up, faster than before, and brighter yet again.

Healing is possible. Growth is inevitable. KEEP GOING, KEEP GROWING. YOU GOT THIS.

Want to know more about how your mind and body react to stress and how you can actually manage this with sustainable growth? We do this with some simple strategies that require some self-reflection, a little trial and error, and some regular practice. We have a workshop coming up with our beloved multi-talented, multi-passionate friend and colleague @kneadandseed. Details coming soon.

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