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mind-body-heart alignment = whole self coherence

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes – Carl Jung

Mind-Body-Heart Alignment = Whole Self Coherence

The equation is simple, the path is complex.

We’re often looking outside of ourselves to explain how we feel or why life is the way it is. We also look outside of ourselves “to find” ourselves – to figure out what will make us “happy” or to figure out our life’s purpose.

However, the answer lies within.

And alignment is the key to discovering your true nature and finding meaning to create the life you want.

When our mind, body, and heart are aligned, we BEcome our whole selves.

Let’s face it. We’ve been separating our minds and bodies for centuries and still do that today. Think about the medical system. We have doctors for our physical health and doctors for our mental health…as if our minds are somehow detached from our bodies. We even have doctors for different parts of our bodies even though they all work in concert. There is a feedback loop between our minds and our bodies.

So how are you making sure they are aligned?

Even more, we are a very mind-driven society. We are taught to believe what our mind tells us and to believe the things that others’ minds tell us (or argue about and create conflict over each other’s thoughts and beliefs). We have lost sight that our minds do not operate in a silo – in isolation from our bodies, our hearts, and our environments. They are all interconnected.

Have you ever found yourself thinking about one thing, feeling another, and then find yourself doing something completely different…and often counterintuitive to what you really want?

How many of us do things we don’t REALLY want to do because our minds have convinced us that we HAVE to? Or because society has conditioned us to believe that it’s imperative? Even though our bodies feel exhausted and we’re feeling resentful…we’ll do things anyway because we “SHOULD.” That’s one simple example of misalignment – and certainly incoherence with your soul’s purpose and your heart’s passion.

And what I’ve noticed over the years, both with myself and with my clients, is that when we operate out of alignment internally, our external circumstances become undesirable and often miserable and impossible to manage.

When your mind and body are not in agreement about what they want and about what YOU (your heart, your soul) want, they weaken both individually and collectively. Your whole self diminishes and its individual parts to start to fail.

When working in alignment, we are working in coherence with our whole selves; when out of alignment, we are relying on our biases, beliefs, and erroneous interpretations. These are all based on our past experiences, unconscious reactions, and conditioned thoughts and behaviors over time. This leads to further misalignment and incoherence. In fact, it shows up in the mind-body as dis-ease, illness, and disease and gets us further away from our health, life’s purpose, and personal and collective growth.

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