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allow & receive. for you & for me.

The universe always has a way of helping us realign by creating opportunities to bring us back into our minds and bodies and create balance and flow within and between.

Something I've been working on this year is allowing and receiving. When I did this, massive shifts occurred. Yet, every time I started falling back into old patterns of either over-giving or not allowing and receiving, it showed up in my body as pain and injury.

The placement of my most recent (and most painful) injury indicates that I was quite literally shouldering the burden and holding too much for others while simultaneously blocking myself from allowing and receiving.

In fact, the universe just grounded my ass for good for the next few months, forcing me to allow and receive some of the most basic forms of care. And guess what? People have shown up out of the woodwork to help...not because they feel obligated, but because they WANT to help. People want to feel needed. It's part of the natural flow of life.

Sigh. I get it now. Thanks for the lesson I clearly wasn't getting on a deep enough level.

This experience has expanded my thinking and awareness of how I show up in the world and how that influences others from being able to support me - which affects not just my personal wellness, but the collective wellness of my partnerships, friendships, family, colleagues, and the broader community.

I allow. I receive. For you and for me.

Thank you.

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