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holding on, letting go

Life is a balance between holding on and letting go – Rumi

The goal? “Find the balance between loving without attachments and not letting people harm you.” – Yung Pueblo

Relationships are rooted in our past, mirrors of ourselves, teachers of our lessons, projections of our fears and all the unhealed sh*t…manifested in the present.

To all my empaths and HSPs out there, I see you, hear you, and feel you. You are not crazy. But you might be allowing and attracting darkness without knowing or intending.

Narcissists are real. Gaslighting is real. You are not losing your mind. But in a way, you are participating. No blame here. We all play a role and need to be aware.

Physical and psychological safety are first.

Equanimity is key.

Healthy boundaries are essential.

We’ll be digging into this more with FREE content found in the Well and in workshops coming this summer. Stay tuned. Comment below or email for more information.

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