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hard truth

"You need to know when to walk away, when misalignment feels constant and harmony is rare... "

Hard Truth.

Personal and professional.

As someone with a history of always trying to "work through it" and "make it work," whether it's personal or professional, I often stay too long. And so do you.

You gotta to learn how to pause, step back, and look at the big picture.

Is this in alignment with my values?

Is this in alignment with my purpose?

Am I showing up as my authentic self?

Does this align with the vision I have for my reason for being?

Sometimes making it work means walking away. It's closing a door so another can open.

It can be hard and that's okay.

We're not meant to be in every relationship or situation forever.

Often times when we ignore the call, avoid the lesson, or act out of alignment, sh*t gets gets hard to get us out and back on an aligned path.

How does this show up for you?

quote from @yung_pueblo on IG