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transformation from the inside out

Hello and welcome to the Wellness Wayfinder! This is the first post of many, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share a bit about WW.

I mostly want to thank you for being here. I’d love to connect and hear what you’re challenged with right now and what content you would like to see come from WW.

My name is Christina, I am a PhD psychologist by training and a facilitator by nature. I’ve spent the last 15 years facilitating learning, healing, and self-actualization as an educator, clinician, coach, and consultant.

I’ve supported hundreds of clients through transformation, both personally and professionally. I've also been through my own deep personal transformation over the last two decades and continue to do my work as I evolve with you!

After going through my own struggles and MANY dark nights of the soul, I learned a lot about myself, the mind, the body, the world…and how they all interact... knowledge and wisdom that no educational institution ever taught me.

I came to understand that the psychology I had been taught over-pathologizes people having real life experiences and it leaves practitioners and clients at an impasse – attempting to solve things at the level of the problem (mental, surface level) rather than the solution (root cause).

Through my own personal work and through my work with clients over the years, I have learned that we must shift from a way of doing to a way of BEING. That requires deep transformational work on many levels to uncover root causes and address those in a comprehensive and integrative way.

No one way is right for any one person…that’s why we consider ourselves Wayfinders at WW. We GUIDE and SUPPORT people and business through their own process of learning, healing, and transformation. We won’t do the work for you, but we will guide you and support you in doing YOUR work!

I’m currently booking individual coaching and consultation sessions as well as facilitating online and in-person workshops and retreats. I have workshops scheduled throughout 2020 and a retreat coming in 2021. Check our events page for the latest events or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

WW is also an online place – a place to get well, be well, and find your way. Coming soon, you will find lots of articles and resources created by both WW and expert contributors as well as links and referrals to other providers and services. All of this content can be found in the "well.”

I will also share pieces of my personal journey of healing and transformation as well as lessons learned from working with clients over the past two decades.

Are you ready? I sure am! Ready to dive in and do this work together!

With so much gratitude,

Christina & WW